Lignum Vitae Mallet / by Will Elworthy

I have always wanted a carving mallet, even though i don't really partake in carving i just love the shape and the fact you don't need to worry about how you are striking the chisel.

my friend bought a job lot of old lawn bowls on ebay and kindly gave one to me. Lignum vitae is amazing stuff. not only is it really hard and dense, its oily. you would think that being so dense it would be hard to turn, but because of the oil in it, it lubricates itself. when i was drilling out the centre little beads of oil appeared on the surface.

there was some great carving on the ball, it was too nice to turn off so i had to leave it, its a nice little reminder of its previous life.

The handle is made from a fruit tree that came down in my parents garden. The placement of the small burr was a happy accident, it gets a lot of use as it is as good at whacking as it is tapping.